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Pagan events and Bristol

Hallo, all.

I'm visiting from Canada for the next eight weeks (six in Bristol, two in London). I'm looking for large pagan events worth traveling for, or small local ones. Also shops would be good, if there are any in the Bristol area (or must-visits for the time I'm in London).

Thanks in advance, and BB.
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You could try http://www.bristolopencirclemoot.org.uk/calendar.html
I haven't been myself, so not a personal recommendation, but might be worth a look.
Glastonbury is pretty close to Bristol and is about as pagan as you can hope for here :)

http://www.glastonburyoracle.co.uk/ is a good site to see what sort of things we have going on here.

I've just moved to Glastonbury after 12 years in London. To be honest I never found much there that was worth the stress of being in the city.

Anyway, take care and have fun. Feel free to say 'Hi' if you come to visit :)
you could contact these guys: http://www.paganfed.org/
University of Bristol has a Pagan Soc; see www.bris.ac.uk

also when in London visit Treadwells bookshop (they have a livejournal) as they have fascinating events pretty much every day- they are alos just round the corner from the British Museum and Covent Garden market, so could make part of a long and interesting day out