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WANTED:Coven Members

Hi all,
           I don't know if this has been done before, but I am looking for a group of people who would be interested in setting up a virtual coven, I would not classify myself as a Wiccan, more Pagan, but I do celebrate the sabbats and am an avid tarot reader.  I would like to set up an online community to discuss all things wiccan/pagan/new age, and perhaps this could eventually become a virtual coven tapping into the group psyche to perform spells/divinations etc.

If you are interested please post a comment, stating your age, location, sex, any special skills e.g. scrying/herbcraft etc and I will message you privately, Thanks.
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Sounds like an interesting idea. Count me in.

43, Male, from Stockton-on-Tees.

Good at Tarot, Psychic readings, Guided Meditations including Past Life Refresion, Spiritual Advisor, Pagan Priest and class my self as a Universalist Pagan.

I am Reiki Master and prior to that I developed my own healing technique.

Just some of the things I can do.
I'm interested in this too.

I'm 21 (oh dear I'm the youngest already lol!), female and living in Northamptonshire. I class myself more as a Wiccan than Pagan but always looking out for new learning experiences! I'm good with the tarot (I use dragon tarot), I deal a lot with crystals and learning the pendulum currently. I seem to be very intune with emotions (like an empath I suppose) and this can lead me into all sorts of issues! And also I am able to tell when there is something is in the room with me, animals I seem better at detecting than human souls though! I also have an uncanny way with animals.

I could probably go on but I won't ;) x
Hi there

I'm 38, female and live in the north east of Scotland. No special skills but I do have an age old love of tarot.

I guess I'm just your common and garden witchy witch, he he.

This Sounds great. I am a 32 year old Pagan living in the US. I would like to connect with other pagans in an online community. Sounds great. I have been on the Pagan path for 16 years.
This sounds like a great idea!

I'm 26, female and currently based in thebcity of York (UK) I'd class myself more Wiccan than Pagan, I've not been part of any coven or group before, I practised in a solitary basis where I used to live.

I've been casting spells of protection and enlightenment from a young age (I've been told by my family I have been doing that approx from 2 years old) I've used natural energy healing techniques from that age also. I've been able to see, hear and feel spirits from this age too.

I'm about to take my Reiki II, and hope to work up to Reiki Master level.
I combine crystal healing and massage with my Reiki for those who need it.
I can heal animals as well as people.

I'm often called upon to clear houses of negative energies or unwelcome spirits (I've posted in this group asking for advice on one of my cases).
I instinctively pick up on energy's, thoughts, feelings and emotions, whether they're from the living or departed.

I don't know what to classify myself as, I just know how to do these things instinctively. I would like to learn more about what I can do and share my knowledge with those who are of a like mind.