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I hope this is allowed.

Merry Meet!

I have been a solitary for the last 10 years. I occasionally host a ritual, or attend ritual with my friends. I am a mom, and am studying to become a spiritual counselor. I read tarot, and am an empath.

If it is appropriate, I would like to invite everyone to join a new community we started on MySpace about six years ago, called Pagans Against Abuse, the community here is called </a></b></a>pagansfiteabuse .  Our tenant and goal is to bring education to everyone concerning abuse of all sorts.  Including domestic violence, child abuse, animal and religious abuses.  We want to make sure that people understand that domestic violence occurs to men as well as women, and occurs in same sex relationships as well as straight relationships. 

I am also a member of the Cill of the Hearth, and Brighid is my patroness.  I write poetry, fiction and non-fiction and helped to write a pamphlet to help pastors minister to women in their congregations who have been abused.

Bright Blessings
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