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Friday, November 19th, 2010
11:18 am - Hi and Merry Meet :).. not sure if this is ok to post! please let me know if it's not.

My name is El and I wanted to invite you all to join in a brand new world wide pagan community project.

The Merry Meet!


Created by the Pagan Community, for the Pagan Community.

Where pagans, psychics and alternative spiritual types connect from around the globe!

Create your profile, make a group and forum for your coven, join other pagans and spiritual folk in intelligent conversation on our forums, share images, music and stories or simply connect with new and old friends.

You can even create and promote your events or your pagan related business!

The Merry Meet is here to bring together our community with Love, Joy and Wisdom. We're still brand new and slowly ironing out the kinks so please be patient with us!


(somewhat cross-posted on LJ. Apologies!)

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Tuesday, September 15th, 2009
12:51 am - Hope no one minds some pimpage....

I'm a mod at a forum meant for Pagans, those of a spiritual bent and seekers from all paths.

The forum is quiet and we need new blood (!) to come along and chat with us - learn and stretch.

If you're interested - there'll be one friendly face there (me)... come along and have a pootle around!


Hopefully look forward to seeing some of you there.

Cross posted to a few places ><

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Tuesday, February 24th, 2009
1:58 am - [Pimping] Peat Moors Visitor Centre to be axed


On the 4th of Feb 2009 the Executive Committee of Somerset County Council resolved to close the Peat Moors Centre at the end of October 2009. The decision is due to be ratified by the full council on 18th February.

The Peat Moors Centre is a renowned 'hands-on' archaeology centre. An area like Glastonbury which is renowned for its prehistoric spiritual connections needs to keep its only attraction that showcases who their ancient inhabitants really were.
While I've never been there, it doesn't look like the kinda place that should be getting closed down any time soon.

Link to the megalithic.co.uk page; scroll down to the bottom of the page to read the comments.


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Thursday, January 8th, 2009
10:54 pm - I hope this is allowed.
mocuirdhgalla Merry Meet!

I have been a solitary for the last 10 years. I occasionally host a ritual, or attend ritual with my friends. I am a mom, and am studying to become a spiritual counselor. I read tarot, and am an empath.

If it is appropriate, I would like to invite everyone to join a new community we started on MySpace about six years ago, called Pagans Against Abuse, the community here is called </a></b></a>pagansfiteabuse .  Our tenant and goal is to bring education to everyone concerning abuse of all sorts.  Including domestic violence, child abuse, animal and religious abuses.  We want to make sure that people understand that domestic violence occurs to men as well as women, and occurs in same sex relationships as well as straight relationships. 

I am also a member of the Cill of the Hearth, and Brighid is my patroness.  I write poetry, fiction and non-fiction and helped to write a pamphlet to help pastors minister to women in their congregations who have been abused.

Bright Blessings

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Tuesday, October 7th, 2008
2:45 pm - gods of southern england

I'm trying tro do some research on the gods worshiped in southern england (specificaly Hampshire) pre the roman invasion. the tribe that lived there were called the Atrebates if thats any help. I'm comming up with nothing, does anyone know anything about this?


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Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008
9:06 am - What is 'worship'?

Now, afaic, I don't 'worship' any one, or any thing, however I've just been told that because of my love for Loki, "by giving him the worth you do, you absolutely worship him."

So now I'm wondering, what IS worship? Is it simply loving something/someone (in which case, do I 'worship' my friends and family because I love them), or is there more to it than that?

Xposted from my own journal to several places

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Saturday, July 26th, 2008
2:11 pm - Namaste


I'm a solitary Pagan, nature based, in East Anglia.
Looking for new people to chat to and hunting for Pagans near me.
I'm fairly ecclectic and am always studying.

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Thursday, July 10th, 2008
2:02 am - Sharing

Heritage at Risk is English Heritage's ground-breaking new programme. It seeks to identify the parts of the nation's historic environment that are endangered, and to get something done about them.

The West Midlands' .pdf is making for some interesting reading, so no doubt some of you might be interested in some of the others.

This'll probably get xposted lots btw, so apologies if you see it ten million times. :)

And thanks to Halla for sharing in the first place.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the issue. *smile*

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Saturday, June 21st, 2008
9:34 pm - Some advice please...

Hi there, I'm The Druidess, I've had my psychic abilities since childhood and I'm a Reiki Healer.

As you can see I'm new to this community, I have joined you here today as I'm in dire need of some advice.

A couple of days ago my partner and I spent the night at a friends house, initially to lighten her spirits as she's going through a very difficult time. She's been having a lot of problems with ex partners, her health, money matters and energies in her home. (She has M.E. as well as other health troubles). She is 48, has 2 children, and is a highly experienced medium.

Under the cut is an unusual situation, I respectfully ask that you keep an open mind.

Protective Vampiric Entities...Collapse )

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Sunday, June 1st, 2008
5:59 pm - More traditional then pagan, but I couldn't think where else to post this

I've been emailed this;

Traditional folklore dances in England since as far back as 1700s have been known to use props such as sticks and sword as part of their dances. Currently, the government does not recognize dance as either a Historical re-enactment or sporting activity and therefore dancers are not included within the exemption for the purchase & use of swords with regards to the VCR (Vilolent Crime reduction) bill. These dances are forms of art that are of great historical & cultural relevance, Banning the use of these swords will inevitably cause them to die out. It is crucial that they are preserved & allowed to continue. I have written a petition which is up on the home office website

Please show your support and sign my petition to get dance included so that we can continue preserving the beautiful art of sword dance.

Whether you are a dancer or not, we need your support!

We desperately need more signatures!

The link

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Tuesday, May 13th, 2008
2:56 pm - Beltane Bash in London

Hallo all! Can't remember if I introduced myself, but I'm a pagan gal visiting from Toronto, Canada, here until June 11. I've been regularly hopping over to the local Moot in Bristol, where I'm staying through May 23.

I'm planning on going to Beltane Bash in London, and trying to figure out where I might go before or after, and I'm wondering if there are any folks traveling by car who might be interested in a passenger -- I'll happily pitch in for petrol.

Questions about Beltane Bash:
-if I were going to miss one day, which should it be -- Sunday or Monday?
-all the events listed on the website are labeled as free, yet there's an entrance fee. What gives?
-any recommendations for a hostel or cheap hotel that isn't too dodgy near the Beltane Bash event, or a short tube ride away?

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Saturday, May 3rd, 2008
5:30 pm - WANTED:Coven Members

Hi all,
           I don't know if this has been done before, but I am looking for a group of people who would be interested in setting up a virtual coven, I would not classify myself as a Wiccan, more Pagan, but I do celebrate the sabbats and am an avid tarot reader.  I would like to set up an online community to discuss all things wiccan/pagan/new age, and perhaps this could eventually become a virtual coven tapping into the group psyche to perform spells/divinations etc.

If you are interested please post a comment, stating your age, location, sex, any special skills e.g. scrying/herbcraft etc and I will message you privately, Thanks.

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Tuesday, April 29th, 2008
4:56 pm

  Can anyone tell me if there are any renfaires / fantasy faires this summer in southern/ southwest England? I have googled, but only found American ones :(. 


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Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008
2:46 pm - Help needed from Pagans for online research

Hello everyone!

I am posting this with hyzenflay's permission. I'm looking for Pagans who want to participate in online research about memory. Based on existing theory and literature, I anticipate that Pagans might differ from non-Pagans in the way they remember things. In my research, I will try to find out if this is the case by offering everyone sentences to remember, as well as having everyone fill out some background questions. This is for native English speakers only :)

The experiment consists of two separate parts. Two weeks after you finish the first part, I will email you a link to the second part. Your email address (as well as your personal information) will be used for research purposes only, and will be kept strictly confidential. In total you would have to invest approximately 40 minutes of your time.

This research is part of my Master’s degree in Psychology at the Radboud University in the Netherlands (I'm Dutch). I need as many people as possible so I would really appreciate it if you want to help me!

Please pick one of these links based on the first letter of your surname.

Thank you in advance!!

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Friday, April 18th, 2008
9:13 pm - Pagan events and Bristol

Hallo, all.

I'm visiting from Canada for the next eight weeks (six in Bristol, two in London). I'm looking for large pagan events worth traveling for, or small local ones. Also shops would be good, if there are any in the Bristol area (or must-visits for the time I'm in London).

Thanks in advance, and BB.

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Friday, March 14th, 2008
1:19 pm - SO EXCITED!!!

OMG, my book is finally in print!

Just wanted to jump in and give a quick plug for my new book which has just appeared on Amazon:


Would love it if you checked it out and told all your friends about it, all those who might be interested in old European Craft.

Thanks much!


PS: Pardon me if I just had to gush a bit... (and do some jumping up and down!)

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Tuesday, March 11th, 2008
6:44 pm - Magazines & Books For Sale...

I have some Magazine Back Issues (including New Witch & Pentacle) and a few books for sale that may be of interest...


Thanks for looking!

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Saturday, March 1st, 2008
3:17 pm - Spellworks - Pagan supplies and giftware

Hi there,

Please let me know if links aren't allowed in this community and I'll take this down right away.

I was hoping people would be interested in my online store Spellworks, we've got a HUGE range a jewellery & charms as well as hundreds of books on the topics of paganism, magic, crystal healing, astrology and more! We also stock essentials such as candles, herbs, incense and a vast selection of ready made spellkits. We're relatively new and our product range is growing all the time. Please come in and have a browse!



some product imagesCollapse )

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Monday, December 31st, 2007
2:26 pm


Yesterday up on Bodmin moor (Cornwall, Devon, England), photographed the Trippett Stones (the animals in the pics are wild moorland ponies)

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Monday, December 24th, 2007
9:05 pm - Energy Work, Psi, & Vampirism Research Study - Please Participate

Please consider taking a moment over the next few hours or days to sit down and complete the VEWRS and AVEWRS research surveys and submit them via e-mail.  These surveys cover a diversity of topics including but not limited to:  energy work and manipulation (whether by natural ability or raised during magickal ritual), psychic and sanguinarian vampirism, paranormal activities, psi-related experiences, magick, occult, spirituality, therianthropy, otherkin, and awakenings (you do NOT have to identify with modern vampirism to participate in this study).  Any information contained within the surveys that aren’t applicable to your particular situation feel free to choose “Not Applicable” or leave blank when this choice is not given.  The AVEWRS (Part 2) covers the topics outlined above in considerably more detail than the VEWRS (Part 1), therefore, if possible please complete both surveys (in order); submitting individually as they are completed.   If you have any questions (please read the FAQ first) we’re available to answer them via the e-mail address given below.  We thank you for your participation and support of this important research study!

Vampirism & Energy Work Research Study (VEWRS & AVEWRS)
A Detailed Sociological & Phenomenological Examination Of
The Energy Worker & Real Vampire Community
With Secondary Focus On Therianthropy, Otherkin,
& "Awakened" Individuals

VEWRS & AVEWRS Research Study Duration & Response Statistics:
VEWRS = 589+ Days  |  AVEWRS = 457+ Days  |  Combined Response Total: 950+

Background On Study:


This study is a mixed methodological study of specific subcultural social group(s) (or independents) linked by an association with specific reported phenomena and is directed towards both an online and offline audience via quantitative and qualitative dual anonymous surveys. For the detailed purpose, definition and precedent background, ethical and privacy procedures, and all other information regarding this privately funded study please refer to the surveys themselves or the web site listed above.

Focus Group:  Those who identify themselves as practitioners of modern psychic (psi) or sanguinarian (blood) vampi(y)rism with a joint focus on energy workers or practitioners (psions, energetic healers, or others who manipulate psi/pranic energy). Additionally those who identify with therianthropy, otherkin, and as being "awakened" individuals are sub-branched in the overall classification.

Format:  Two surveys (both structured to be independent or linked with one another, with first being an introductory examination and the second an advanced examination), anonymous participation requirement, embedded random+intentional response indicators, available in MSWord, HTML Text Format, or Printed Distributed Format.  VEWRS (Survey 1) = Questions 1 - 379 (11 Categories); AVEWRS (Survey 2) = Questions 380 - 988 (5 Categories)

Analysis:  SPSS w/Correlative Analysis, AMOS / Comparisons Of Qualitative Responses In Applicable Sections (Micro-Essays); Resulting Format = Book Publication(s) & Papers
Download VEWRS & AVEWRS Research Surveys:  http://www.suscitatio.com
E-Mail Completed Submissions To:  response@suscitatio.com

Statistical & Analysis Updates:  http://www.suscitatio.com
Correspondence Or Inquiry:  research@suscitatio.com

Recent Articles & Media Related To Study:

"Would The Real Vampires Please Stand Up?"
Blog Contributed By Michelle Belanger - September 2007

TAPS Magazine - October 2007 Special Ed. Issue
"Interview With A Vampire" - Merticus Of Suscitatio & AVA

"Vampires: Fact Or Fiction?" - Interview With Zero & Merticus
True-Ghost-Story.com - November 24, 2007

"Gathering Data with the Vampire: Analyzing Causes and Effects of an
Introspective Survey by the Vampire Community"

Annual Conference of American Academy of Religion, November 17, 2007
Joe Laycock, MTS Harvard Divinity School
Please assist this study by taking the time to complete at least the
VEWRS (Part 1) research study and submitting to response@suscitatio.com.

Please Distribute Information Regarding This Study To Other Persons, Sites, etc.

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