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Beltane Bash in London

Hallo all! Can't remember if I introduced myself, but I'm a pagan gal visiting from Toronto, Canada, here until June 11. I've been regularly hopping over to the local Moot in Bristol, where I'm staying through May 23.

I'm planning on going to Beltane Bash in London, and trying to figure out where I might go before or after, and I'm wondering if there are any folks traveling by car who might be interested in a passenger -- I'll happily pitch in for petrol.

Questions about Beltane Bash:
-if I were going to miss one day, which should it be -- Sunday or Monday?
-all the events listed on the website are labeled as free, yet there's an entrance fee. What gives?
-any recommendations for a hostel or cheap hotel that isn't too dodgy near the Beltane Bash event, or a short tube ride away?
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