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More traditional then pagan, but I couldn't think where else to post this

I've been emailed this;

Traditional folklore dances in England since as far back as 1700s have been known to use props such as sticks and sword as part of their dances. Currently, the government does not recognize dance as either a Historical re-enactment or sporting activity and therefore dancers are not included within the exemption for the purchase & use of swords with regards to the VCR (Vilolent Crime reduction) bill. These dances are forms of art that are of great historical & cultural relevance, Banning the use of these swords will inevitably cause them to die out. It is crucial that they are preserved & allowed to continue. I have written a petition which is up on the home office website

Please show your support and sign my petition to get dance included so that we can continue preserving the beautiful art of sword dance.

Whether you are a dancer or not, we need your support!

We desperately need more signatures!

The link
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