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Some advice please...

Hi there, I'm The Druidess, I've had my psychic abilities since childhood and I'm a Reiki Healer.

As you can see I'm new to this community, I have joined you here today as I'm in dire need of some advice.

A couple of days ago my partner and I spent the night at a friends house, initially to lighten her spirits as she's going through a very difficult time. She's been having a lot of problems with ex partners, her health, money matters and energies in her home. (She has M.E. as well as other health troubles). She is 48, has 2 children, and is a highly experienced medium.

Under the cut is an unusual situation, I respectfully ask that you keep an open mind.

For a long time she has been under the protection of vampiric entities, they have been giving her strength and keeping watch on her and her children, they have even protected her from her most recent ex when he was about to become violent towards her.

When her ex last visited her (before they broke up) he took a Tibetan Singing Bowl into her bedroom, with a Celestial Stake instead of the usual wooden stick... My friend threw the man out of her house and not given him entry since.

Since then my friend has not felt the presence of her vampires in her home and her health is deteriorating, her life problems are getting worse and she cant think of a way to bring her vampires back in. They are around the outside of her home, but cant get in even though she welcomes them...

I could feel these entities outside her home, unable to gain entry although she would willing have them there by her side at all times, I could sense that 'Her Vampires' are there to help her and felt no ill will from them, they even welcomed my partner and I over her threshold as they new we were there to help.

I need to know how to help her get them back into her home, as this is her wish.

I do wonder if they have backed off as her eldest child, her son is soon to turn 18. He has the markings of one touched by the vampires, he is tall and slender, his features feline, and he does have natural elongated canines, his looks are very different from his mother and sister.

I don't want to rule out anything that could help her.

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