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pagan_uk's Journal

Pagan UK
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Welcome to The Pagan Community in the UK

This community was created for people who are Pagan, neo-Pagan, Pagan-friendly, Wiccan etc etc., to discuss the philosophy and practice of Pagan spiritual paths, as well as other religions. All traditions are welcome here.
There are already several very goood pagan communties, my favourite being pagan. This community was primarily created for pagans in the UK.

No preaching or religion bashing. We are a community of diverse beliefs; let's respect them all.

Opinions are welcome, but fiction is not. If you are going to make grandiose claims, you'd better be able to back them up.

1) Be polite. We are all decent, civilised people here, so let's try and act like it.

2) Pagan related quiz results behind an lj-cut, and if someone else has already posted that quiz please put your result as a reply to the original. All others not welcome here.

3) If you want to post a picture here or very long text, please use an LJ cut.

4) Try to stay on topic.


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